Douglas TA-4J Skyhawk instructor’s Escapac IG-2 ejection seat. dsc 0061

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  1. Douglas TA-4J Skyhawk instructor's Escapac IG-2 ejection seat. dsc 0061 s
    Image by wbaiv Here's your basic Escapac IC-2 ejection seat head box. And there's so much to see! For example, its light gray, not black like a Martin-Baker. And the basic structure is riveted sheet aluminum, just like an old-fashioned airplane company like Douglas would make. Not the bars and tubes deal, its a lightweight monocoque. There's a sticker which identifies this as an Escapac IG-2, probably "aluminum" color, with black and red printing. At the top of the head-box, we see the folded-down canopy breakers, with big springs to flip them up when they're needed. Only one spring visible in this frame, but other frames show both of 'em. Note yellow is the big highlight color here - Yellow safety sticker on the spring cover, yellow on the back of the safety handle that "safes" the seat. The face-curtain handle at the top is a molded rubber over (something) assembly, basically yellow material, with a black label and white letters reading "PULL TO EJECT" And black stripes on the front part of the handle. In other pictures you can see that the dark circle on the side of the head box is actually a clear window in a molded plastic cover. There are several clear windows in it, at different locations. Note also the pivot point for the canopy breaker, and the single cross-piece linking the two breakers. I'd be surprised if there wasn't a mechanism attached to the face-curtain handle that releases the breakers. The cushions for the pilot's helmet and the rails the seat rises on are black. Note there's a maintenance or ID sticker on the rail. Like the Martin-Baker item. all sorts of signage on the various stickers. Model kits and even aftermarket seats seldom include this various colored and text-bearing items. But you can't look at an actual ejection seat and not see this stuff. seat_head_stbd_canopy_aft_inst 0061

  2. McDonald's in Waikiki s
    Image by The Happy Cynic Does your McDonald's look like this? Do your checkers wear leis and aloha shirts? I wish you could see the menu; I tried to get pics but they didn't turn out. There's rice and spam and teriyaki and all kids of crazy stuff on the menu. It was a strange McDonald's. The checker in the picture was the slowest checker in the history of mankind. Birds were flying around the restaurant. A large strange man was asking incomprehensible questions behind me as we waited in line.

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Diagnosed With Diabetes? Discover Some Life Tips Here!

Many no cost methods are available to help you lose weight and combat diabetes, including working out at a park and jogging. Can goods can make inexpensive weights, as do bags filled with heavy items and chin-ups can be performed on your local park's jungle gym.By missing needed meals your liver could make up for the lack of nourishment by releasing more glucose. This is dangerous to a diabetic. You should eat regularly and snack if you need to to reduce your sugar levels. Diabetics are at higher risk for problems with their feet than non-diabetics. If you do not care for your feet when you have diabetes, you may have to have them amputated. These suggestions are the best way to keep healthy feet. Add a bit of vinegar to your dishes. Swallowing half an ounce of vinegar, prior to your main meal, helps reduce spikes in blood sugar after eating. Your sugar will still rise, but will do so more slowly if you start off every meal with a tablespoon or two of vinegar. Vinegar keeps the food you eat in your stomach for longer and slows the digestion of Research A Little More Research A Little More

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A variety of Suggestions – Top Tips For Hiring The Right Locksmith For The Job

When searching for the best locksmith for your needs, try conducting interviews. Most businesses will be happy to introduce you to their professional service people and what they have to offer. Ask questions and check all references. This way you will be certain that you've hired only the best when you need them the most. If you get locked out of your vehicle, make sure that the locksmith doesn't block your car in when he gets there. Unscrupulous people will do this in order to get more money from you. Never pay them anything. The best thing to do would be to take note of their license plate and call the police.If you need to paint your house, cover all locks before painting doors. If you seal up the hole by accident, a locksmith will be required. It might take some time to get all the locks covered, but it isn't nearly as long as it would take to get those locks changed by a locksmith. The best way to find the most reliable locksmith is usually word of mouth. When you need one, start asking your friends and family who they trust. From there, Research A Little More

The Best Healthy Eating Tips For Good Nutrition

Some little known minerals and vitamins that provide essential nutrients for your skin are selenium, L-Carnitine and zinc. L-Carnitine is a type of supplement you can take in capsule form. Zinc is something that you can find in many nuts and whole grains, as well as mushrooms and eggs. The majority of soil raised vegetables have selenium. Hydroponic veggies might possibly not. By eating a balanced diet of naturally grown foods and supplementing with L-Carnitine, you can provide yourself with a good nutritional balance.You can imrove the nutrition levels of a meal by replace pasta, bread, and other carbohydrates with vegetables. Instead of having pasta with sauce and chicken, try swapping out the pasta with steamed broccoli or lettuce. Instead of having that hamburger in a bun, try wrapping it in lettuce. Don't eat foods that are high in saturated fat. Ingredients that include vegetable oil should be avoided as well. Some of these oils actually have more saturated fat than products derived from animals. Saturated fats can raise the fat levels Research A Little More

Most recent Features – Want Fast Access To Great Ideas On Woodworking? Check This Out!

All great masters of their trade take the time to educate themselves on as much as possible in regards to their skills and techniques. You will be a better woodworker now that you have taken the time to learn from this article. Continue your reading so that you can produce amazing results. Go to garage sales, yard sales, estate sales, or even look online for deals on any tools you need for your woodworking. This is a great way to find good deals. This can save you a ton of money. Of the surface of the wood in your project has been dinged or dented by accident, you need to remove the blemish before you finish it. If the fibers of the wood are only crushed, not torn, you can use steam to fix the problem. Fill the depression with a drop or two of water and use a hot iron over a damp cloth to level the dent. Do not make the mistake of buying woodworking supplies based on the price alone. This can turn out to be a mistake that will cost you more in the end. If the supplies you buy are not very good quality, they will wear out sooner than more expensive Research A Little More

Check this out – In The Market For Toys? You Have To Read This!

Some of the best toys are basics things like Lego building blocks, erector sets, train sets and toys that are like that. These are toys than can be used over and over again. They can also be added onto and then passed along to the next child to love and cherish. Do not hand any toys featuring ribbons or string or anything similar in or above a crib or playpen. Babies and young children grow faster than you expect and can reach high enough before you know it. Hung toys can become entanglement dangers that risk injury and maybe even death. Do not feel bad if you do not have a lot of money to spend on toys for your child. You can always take regular household items and use them to keep your children entertained. Pot and pans can double as a drum set while old clothes can be used to play dress up. Be creative and your child will not notice the lack of funds. Games are great for teaching kids valuable skills. They can learn basic math skills from a popular board game like Monopoly. It also boosts their number sense. They can improve their computational Research A Little More

Give Yourself The Gift Of Health With These Nutrition Tips

Try to eat more white meat in your diet everyday. Most protein comes from animal fat and this kind provides the least amount versus red meat. You can find tasty white meat in turkey, chicken and even pork. Add these to items such as sandwiches, salads, stews, soups, etc; the possibilities are endless. To help get healthy, ditch all soda, including diet soda. Diet soda contains harmful chemicals and studies show that they can actually make your body crave more sugar. Instead, drink club soda and add a slice of fruit for flavor. If you need caffeine, try green tea, which is rich in antioxidants. Limit your consumption of red meat to once a week or less. A great treat, red meat is not as healthy for you as other forms of protein. Try replacing some of your meals with fish, beans, and grains as the main components. Red meat has its place but nutritionally you can do better. Mushrooms need to be cooked well. Mushrooms can contains impurities that are carcinogenic, and cooking them well can reduce the levels, making the mushrooms healthier. Taking Research A Little More

Try this Blog post – A Very Modern Guide To Web Hosting

Don't purchase a web hosting plan just because it offers unlimited disk space or bandwidth. Compare these plans with plans that offer a reasonable amount of space and bandwidth to determine which is the best plan for your needs. Sometimes plans that offer a finite amount of space or bandwidth are better for your particular needs than plans that offer unlimited quantities of space or bandwidth.A great tip for people looking for good web hosting is to always have a backup plan. You may sign up with a web hosting service only to be unsatisfied with the company you are working with. It is always a good idea to have a backup hosting provider that you can switch to.Finding just the right web hosting service for your website can be a difficult process, especially if you are not that familiar with the different services available. By learning more about web hosting, you can make this task easier for yourself. The following article will give you some advice to help you get started.If you are just starting out, choose a host with good customer service Research A Little More

How To Rebuild Your Credit After Filing Bankruptcy

Regardless of how terrible your situation is, when you choose to file for bankruptcy, always be honest. Lying or hiding information about your finances is a very bad mistake. And it is illegal. Prison is a likely avenue to face when you have lied to the courts in your petition for bankruptcy.Filing for bankruptcy is not recommended when you have income more than your debts. Although you may see bankruptcy as a free pass to eliminate your debt, if you can slowly whittle away at your debt with your income, it will be much better than killing your credit score with a bankruptcy filing.Any bankruptcy consultation should be free of charge. Most attorneys offer free consultations, so meet with a number of them before you retain one. Do not make any final decisions until every question you have has been answered. Take your time choosing the right attorney to assist in your bankruptcy. You can take as much time as you need to meet with different lawyers.Carrying too much debt is a problem a lot of people are dealing with now. The bills keep adding up Research A Little More

How To Get Debt Consolidation To Work For You

Find out if bankruptcy is an option for you. However, filing for bankruptcy will ruin your credit score. However, if you find your credit situation to already be in poor shape, this option might what you need. You can reduce your debts when you file for bankruptcy. Avoid debt elimination arbitrators. These companies love to claim that your debt can be eliminated, though in reality they know that only bankruptcy can result in total elimination. The best these companies can do is reduce the debt you owe. Surprisingly, this is no different than you could do by calling and negotiating with creditors yourself. Don't fall victim to companies claiming to cut your monthly payments in half with just one phone call. It is understandable that you want a quick solution to your problems, however, you can just be making your situation worse. Sit down and consider the different debt consolidation options that are available to you and decide on the pros and cons. Consider counseling when going through debt consolidation. Working to pay off debt can be stressful. Research A Little More

Precisely what I truly feel – Video Marketing And Making Your Brand Known

Whenever you are able to, share your video. Send an email with it to your family and friends. Create a blog post that describes the video on your website. Get the word out to clients through emails. Put it on Facebook, YouTube and whatever video hosting sites you may use. Spread the word!Speak with neighbors for tips. If you are having problems with mice, for example, your neighbor may be having that same problem. You may find that your neighbor has come up with some solutions that you haven't yet considered. You can also warn your neighbor about a potential problem that may exist in his house at the moment.Now that you've read this article, you should be able to formulate some strategies for advertising your business via video marketing. Advertising this way can really lead to increased profits and a larger customer base. Don't forget these great tips!Put a piece of yourself into your video. Tell a short story about your experience with the product. Talk about what you know well, especially if you consider yourself an expert. Let the viewer Research A Little More

If You Snore, You Need To Read These Tips

It could be an easy solution for your snoring, if you sleep on your side. Research has shown that people who sleep positioned on their sides are less likely to snore than those who sleep on their backs. It can be hard to get used to, but it can help you stop snoring. If you snore, a solution might be as easy as going to a dentist. He can make a mold of the inside of your mouth, then use it to make a mouth-guard. By keeping your jaw from falling backwards, such a mouth-guard will prevent your throat muscles from going slack and make snoring less likely while you sleep.Ready to stop snoring? There are some throat exercises you can do to keep your throat muscles stronger. One thing you can do is repeat the five vowels out loud, consistently, for three minutes consecutively, several times a day. Building your throat muscles will reduce your instances of snoring.To stop snoring, you should first look at your pillows. Many people fail to realize that proper support from pillows can impact whether you snore or not. Elevating the head can help keep your Research A Little More

Finest Five Helpful tips – Really Great Soccer Tips Everyone Should Know

Always play the ball quickly. Regardless of the position you are in, you should think quickly and pass the ball to a player who is in a better position as soon as you can. Help the team build an attack by running forward and preparing yourself to get the ball again. You must be able to learn to capitalize on the free kicks. These kicks are usually 20-30 yards away from the goal and keeper. You can score some great goals this way that can make the difference in a game and switch the momentum to your side. While these opportunities only happen occasionally, you must realize the importance of the scoring opportunity without having to continually try to create one. Each soccer team has two or three play makers. These players are more talented than others and always get the ball since they are able to go past the other team's defense. They will then score or pass the ball to a player who is ready to score. You can become one of these players if you practice. Always be ready to receive the ball. You should be focused on the ball at all times and try Research A Little More

Expert Ideas For Easy And Successful Eczema Treatment

Avoid taking hot showers if you suffer from eczema. Each shower should be quick and the water lukewarm. Steer clear of soaps and choose gentle cleansers. Pat your skin to dry it.Make sure you wear clothes that are comfy as possible. People that have eczema have skin that is very sensitive to certain fabrics. Try sticking with clothing made of breathable fabrics like cotton or cotton blends. Try to avoid wearing synthetic fabrics or wool since these materials can cause flare-ups.When buying a detergent, look for something that is not scented. If you are having trouble finding one that works for you, look for products labeled "free and clear" and see if they work. In addition, it may be best not to use a fabric softener at all. This product can cause an issue for people with eczema, so it is usually not worth the risk.Avoid hot baths and showers if you have eczema. Your showers you take daily should be short and warm. Gently cleanse the skin with a moisturizing skin cleanser rather than soap. When you finish your shower, gently pat your skin dry. Research A Little More

Look at this – Tips On How To Help A Family Member With Depression

You can make a huge dent in lifting your depression by following the advice given in this article. Make sure if you make changes in your life you do so slowly so that you can see what is really helping you and what really didn't make much of a difference. Always keep in mind that you are in complete control of your thoughts if you feel down. Adjust your vocabulary to remove negative words such as depressed. It's negative to describe the feelings that will lead you to negative thinking. Replace it with a phrase like "low mood" to describe those feelings instead, and this will lead to a more positive outlook. One way to tackle the hopelessness and feelings of depression is to keep a daily journal. A diary or journal gives you an outlet for thoughts and feelings that may be difficult to express in any other way. Also, writing when you have symptoms can help you spot patterns with your condition. Fresh flowers in the home can be a great mood lifter. Flowers provide uplift through their colors and smells. For a quick mood booster, keep fresh flowers Research A Little More

Follow These Expert Tips To Get Acne Free Skin Today

Some prescription medication can cause skin outbreaks. Several prescription medications, especially hormones, have side effects that can cause or worsen acne. Request a different medication from your doctor if the one you are using is not working. Try not to wear any makeup for a period of time or go to water based makeup to help acne. Makeup can clog pores and make acne worse. Resist the temptation to use cosmetics as an acne cover-up. Keep your pores clean by avoiding makeup, if possible.One of the easiest, most effective, and affordable ways to noticeably improve the appearance, texture, and tone of your skin is to stay consistently hydrated by consuming water instead of sugary colas or fruit juices. Keeping your body hydrated can help your skin stay acne-free by maintaining balance and moisture from within. A great, cooling way to get rid of pimples is by putting aloe vera juice directly over the pimple. It is a natural remedy that can be taken directly from the aloe plant or purchased in any drug store. It will cool your skin as it reduces Research A Little More

Something I uncover – Learn To Conduct Article Marketing With These Suggestions

Always be sure that your articles correlate with the keywords and link that you are discussing. Do not add a link to an article on a completely different topic or use an unrelated keyword because it is popular. If something doesn't seem right, the search engine may be thrown off track.Tips on article marketing are very helpful for people who wish to effectively promote website content. Below are some great ideas that will assist you in getting more from your efforts.Your own creativity may be your best asset when constructing your articles. Try to focus on exposing your personality, so that readers can relate to you. So make your stories your own and watch your audience expand.Read more to better your writing skills. Reading can boost your comprehension levels and making your writing flow smoother. The more new material you read, you will slowly increase the skill of your writing. If you keep reading, you will see the results in your writing. Resist the temptation to use the same article across different indexes. There are many article indexes Research A Little More