Vegetarian for Health

Vegetarian for Health

Vegetarianism for Life and Health


Becoming a vegetarian is often the first step in creating a healthier lifestyle. While it's easier to take small steps toward your journey to becoming a vegetarian it is important that those first steps be taken. Simple steps like setting aside one day a night to have a meatless dinner will ease you into ever more steps toward the journey of reaping the benefits on becoming a vegetarian.


While the term vegetarianism is the practice of abstaining from animal flesh and products,

There are several types of vegetarians:


  • Veganism: The exclusion of all animals and animal products like milk, eggs and  honey.
  • Raw veganism: This is only eating raw uncooked fruits, vegetables, nuts and  seeds. Food can be heated but only to a low temperature as to not destroy the vitamins and enzymes.
  • Fruitarianism: As the name suggests, eating fruit but most permit also eating nuts and seed as well.
  • Macrobiotic: Eating mostly beans and whole grains.
  • Ovo vegetarianism: No dairy but eggs are permitted.
  • Ovo-lacto vegetarianism: Animal products are permitted.
  • Lacto vegetarianism: Dairy but no eggs.
  • Pescetarian: Eat fish but no other meat products.


They all have a diet that excludes most animal meat.


Most people shortly after undertaking a vegetarian diet will experience a increased energy and most likely experience regular bowel movements. Other benefits may include:


  •     Higher metabolism / weight loss
  •     Decrease in illness
  •     Stronger bones
  •     Ease of menopause symptoms


Some may find adopting a vegetarian lifestyle difficult but the key to success is taking the proverbial "small steps". Just think about S.A.D.(the Standard American Diet). S.A.D. includes an over abundance of meat and processed foods. By slowly reversing this by increasing more fruits, vegetables, grains, beans and seeds and less meat and processed foods you will find yourself able to discard meat and processed foods more often.






















Vegetarian Recipes


Another reason people resist a vegetarian diet is they can't imagine all the possibilities. There is a whole world of vegetarian recipes consisting of soups, stews, desserts, breads and entrées that will make you not even miss meat. There are a large number of sources for recipes on-line and in cookbooks that can rival there meat counterpoints. And an ever increasing amount of meat substitutes available in the grocery stores, however I would look closely at them as you do not want to replace a processed food with another version of a processed food. A great source for vegetarian recipes is Vegetarian Times.


Overall Health


The biggest reason one should consider for becoming a vegetarian or at least reducing the amount of meat and processed foods in your diet is achieving better health. It is common knowledge that processed food and meat are a leading cause of obesity, cancer, diabetes and numerous ailments that can easily be avoided or drastically reduced by eliminating these form your diet. There is so many benefits to be had by doing so little in just changing your diet choices.


Most individuals have been poisoned for years by bad diet choices that just making a few changes on a regular basis can have profound benefits to your health. The hardest part is often making the decision to make the changes. Interesting articles related to vegetarianism and health as well as other recipes and forum can be found here.



The following video has excerpts from "Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days". A group of individuals that went to "The Tree of Life" and spent 30 days eating a raw food diet to increase there over-all health. Weight loss, lower blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol and increased energy were the results for most of the individuals.




Vegetarian food pyramid

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